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Dealing exclusively with the highest calibre candidates allows us to provide you with the best achievers at all levels in every industry, from Telesales to Sales Director and Marketing Assistant to Marketing Director.

When it comes to recruiting sales and marketing professionals there is only one choice. As the client, you must never compromise on the calibre of the individual required for the role. Adolphus Group has both the expertise and experience to introduce an outstanding candidate, whose quality will exceed your expectations.

As the client, you must see your recruitment as top priority and be willing to work with us to find the right individual in an opportune and hassle free manner. Once we have conducted a thorough analysis of your business needs, we will consult on the most suitable method of recruitment for you.

Our interview process is thorough. We conduct a structured interview to assess an individual's experience relevant to your opportunity, their track record of achievement and the strengths they can bring to your company.

Our method includes testing, results verification, reference checks and profiling, with the objective of saving you time by pre-screening out the marginal candidates and presenting only those candidates who are qualified for your role, motivated by your opportunity and culturally compatible with your company.

Once we have completed our assessment, we will present you with a shortlist of a maximum of three qualified candidates for your selection process.

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For further information or if you are looking for exceptional support staff within your business contact us to speak with one of our consultants.

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