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Office & Secretarial Support

Strong Business Support Division

Adolphus Group has a strong business support division. We understand the need for business support from employers and use our expertise of this industry to match our highly skilled base of workers to our clients. If you are looking for an interesting administrative career role or simply seeking someone for a week, a few months or more, we can help. Our experience within this work field positions us to meet the challenge of recruiting, hiring and managing employees in our current economy.

Aside from skills and experience we recognize the importance of cultural fit, attitude and motivation in matching our highly skilled professionals with the right organisational culture and best possible role for long-term performance.
Our dedicated team of experienced office support consultants draw on their established personal and online networks in industry and professional bodies to select great people for contract and permanent roles across United Kingdom.

The Adolphus Group understands the importance of the 'right' office support staff in organisations. And we know speed matters.

If you're an employer and need high quality professionals fast, place a booking for a temporary or contract assignment before 6.00pm and we will contact you within 60 minutes. Or if it's a permanent role, discuss your requirements with us and we'll send you a shortlist of candidates– who have each been assessed by our specialised consultants- within 24 hours.

For further information contact us here or call on 020 7625 2931 to speak with one of our consultants if you are looking for exceptional support staff within your business.


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