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Services: Permanent Placements

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• Cut Your Recruitment Horizon from Weeks to Days
• Choose from the Best Available Candidates
• Increase Retention with Thoroughly Screened Candidates

The Adolphus Group makes hiring simple, fast and effective. We can cut your recruitment horizon from weeks to days, give you access to the very best candidates available, increase retention and protect your hiring investment for up to five full years.

Reduce Your Time to Fill

Every second a position remains unfilled costs you in lost productivity or lost opportunity.

Protracted vacancies become distractions, stealing your attention from your core business objectives. You have to eliminate those distractions as quickly as possible and get back to full productivity. That's why we've designed our systems to provide immediate and precise solutions for your recruiting needs.

What's more, The Adolphus Group saves you time by filtering your applicant pool for you. Say good-bye to pouring through piles of resumes or wasting your time in interviews with applicants who clearly do not match your needs. You can make better use of your time while focusing only on candidates that have been screened, tested and referenced to meet your criteria.

Hire the Best People

Our candidates are the best in their fields; highly qualified professionals with the ability to make an immediate, positive impact on your organization's productivity and profitability. And, since our targeted screening considers soft skills and culture fit in addition to traditional hard skills and experience, our placements will be happier, more productive and will typically stay with your organization longer. The end result minimizes recruiting time while maximizing retention.

Increase Retention

You invest a lot in a new hire. Choose The Adolphus Group, and not only will we lower your true cost for acquiring productive employees, we'll make sure that the investment you do make pays off. The Adolphus Group is focused on delivering long-term solutions. We're here to ensure your satisfaction for the tenure of our placement and beyond. The unparalleled levels of assurance we extend with each placement exemplify this commitment.

You have the problem. We have the Solution!

For further information contact us here or call on 020 7625 2931 to speak with one of our consultants.