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Strategic Staffing Solutions

Our modular and highly customizable services have been designed to make a variety of sensible and cost-effective staffing strategies readily available to our clients. By tailoring our programs to meet the individual staffing needs of each client, we nurture long-term partnerships built upon years of Human Resources experience and quality service.

Temporary/Contingency Staffing: Our contingency staffing provides you with fast, productive help when you need it for as long as you need it. Whether you need somebody to fill in during a short-term absence or you want to supplement your workforce with a flexible, just-in-time staffing strategy, we can help you achieve your staffing objectives. Read more.

Direct Hire: The Adolphus Group makes hiring simple, fast and effective. We can cut your recruitment horizon from weeks to days, give you access to the very best candidates available, increase retention and protect your hiring investment for up to five full years. Read more.

Temp-to-Perm: The try before you buy smart way to hire. We'll keep the employee on our payroll while you evaluate skills and culture fit in actual work conditions. After a fixed period of time or once you know they'll work out, simply roll them over to your payroll for a smooth transition. Read more.

Project Staffing: Combine the powers of sophisticated recruiting techniques and just-in-time staffing to leverage precisely the people you need to make your project a success. Read more.

Managed Services

Simplified vendor management via a single-source contact provides you with cost-effective consistency of process and vendor quality.

Payroll Accommodation: Our payroll accommodation program allows you to select the candidate and determine the salary that meets your specific requirements. The Adolphus Group will payroll these candidates at a percentage mark-up over their pay rate. The mark-up percentage includes all applicable taxes, workers' compensation and all government reporting. Read more.

Education and Training: We can help you continually develop your employees to ensure your competitiveness and contribute to employee retention. Read more.

You have the problem. We have the Solution!

For further information contact us or call on 020 7625 2931 to speak with one of our consultants.