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Methodology: Testing and Screening

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The Adolphus Group's effective recruitment and advertising methods often generate an enthusiastic response that could produce an overwhelming volume of applicants.

While having an abundant supply of applicants can be an advantage, The Adolphus Group will never compromise quality for quantity. We're committed to exclusively representing the top 20% of available candidates. We utilize powerful filtering and screening tools to ensure that every candidate we select can meet these strict standards of performance and quality.

Probative Interviews

Our screening process starts with a structured interview that has been designed to provide consistency of process. In this way we can be sure we'll discover everything we need to know about an applicant's history and work style.

We take the extra time to learn about an individual's aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences and preferred work environment. This enables us to place the candidate in a position best suited to their unique goals and attributes. This is the kind of thing that would be very difficult for you to do on your own since when you interview somebody, they tell you what they think you want to hear. When we interview somebody, they tell us what they're really looking for. As a result, we can make better matches and ensures that the individual will thrive in your environment.

Skill Testing

Every Candidate Pre-Screened to Allow for Rapid Matching and Deployment
Detailed Analysis Helps Predict Performance
Custom Testing Design Available for Specific Needs
State-of-the-art testing systems help The Adolphus Group develop a complete skill profile. These profiles allow us to quickly identify perfectly productive candidates for your contingency or Direct Hire needs. Depending on the specific skills we need to test, we may select from any of 30 validated assessments, or we can customize tests depending on your needs.

Immediately upon the applicant's completion, test scores are available, accompanied by a comprehensive report that includes proficiency by skill type, task type, question level and the time it took to answer each question.

Our clear View Assessment

To enhance our ability to find skilled candidates for our clients, The Adolphus Group developed and validate a new applicant classification system.

1. Design a classification system that produces measurable impact.
2. Improve the matching of applicant skill level with job requirements.
3. Utilize the best technology to create high classification system.
4. Create an efficient and concise classification process.
5. Design the system for easy, standardized administration.
6. Meet all legal and professional standards.

The constructs and content underlying these tests were carefully studied and determined to be related to the job performance of The Adolphus Group's positions.

Scientifically Validated to Predict Job Performance
All of The Adolphus group's tests have a proven track record of success, showing that those who pass the tests have better performance on the job, significantly increasing their productivity. We have found this relationship to be true for a variety of clients with positions similar to the office, service, customer and manufacturing positions The Adolphus group's most typically fills.

For receptionist and customer service positions, job classifications and situational judgment exercises were used to assess personal characteristics found to be important for this position

Also, receptionists were found to be a direct link to visiting customers and clients. Thus, in conjunction with the job simulation, a situational judgment exercise was created to determine an applicant's ability to respond to work situations effectively.

Customer Service Situations Video
A video-based situational judgment exercise was created for Customer Service Representatives and Telemarketers. Data collected during job analysis revealed that customer service representatives must respond to several different types of situations relating to interactions with internal and external customers.

The video-based assessment provides an accurate depiction of actual situations faced on the job. Applicants are then asked to determine the most effective approach to resolve the work situation. Selecting a video-based testing platform allows for a virtual feel to the testing-thereby, making the testing process more accurate as well as enhancing applicant interest.

Structured Interview Guide
The structured interview guide was designed to identify how well a candidate effectively performs as an Adolphus Group temporary associate. The interview guides ask questions related to the applicant's work history, interpersonal and team skills, creative problem solving, professionalism, and communication skills. The applicant's response helps us assess how they have responded in past work situations. Questions are framed in this way because research has shown that past work behavior is one of the best predictors of future work behavior.

References Required

The Adolphus Group conducts peer and manager reference checks to develop a more fully rounded view of the candidate. We require at least 2 positive professional references for any associate we choose to represent.

This is a crucial step in evaluating a candidate to make sure they're up to our exceedingly high standards. Often, an applicant's interview performance does not match their work performance. By requiring positive references and checking to make sure that applicants have really accomplished everything they indicated on their resume and in their interview, we further increase the quality of our matches.