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writing a cover letter

Tips and Advice - Cover Letter Tips

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Cover letters are introductory letters that are meant to accompany a resume or CV when a person is applying for a job. The purpose of a cover letter is to provide a candidate with a less formalized way to introduce themselves, their qualifications and the reasons for their interest in a particular position.

Your covering letter is an important document - a key part of your application to a prospective employer. Craft a strong covering letter and your application could really stand out from the crowd.
So if it's of such importance you'll need to know how to produce the perfect covering letter. That's where we step in.

1. Always send one!

2. Don't rewrite your CV

3. Talk about the company

4. Provide quality evidence of your skills

5. Reflect your personality

6. Relevant and brief

7. Contact details

8. Sign the letter

9. Neat presentation