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Tips and Advice - Training

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Adolphus Group specialises in training salespeople to become more confident, well organised and professional in their sales role. We aim to help salespeople and sales managers reach their full potential, through sales training and development.

To maintain first-class sales performance, maintaining competitive advantage through effective sales training is essential. Sales organisations need to modify their culture, develop competencies and improve customer service skills as customer expectations reach unprecedented levels of response and complexity.

Global sales structures and performance models must keep pace with product and service and the increase in transactions and service over the Internet – which is leaving many traditional sales forces struggling to add value.

The dominant themes over the past two or three years have focused almost exclusively on “quick wins” through cost-cutting, downsizing and retrenchment. Inevitably, however, sales and service organisations cannot continue to deliver viable margins without redefining their customer value proposition and ways of working.

We offer a wide range of sales training programmes, consultancy services and self-development products for salespeople, sales managers and sales trainers.

Our team of highly skilled and motivated sales trainers who, as well as being successful salespeople themselves are excellent at sales training and developing salespeople and their sales managers.

For further information contact us to speak with one of our consultants if you are looking for an exceptional professional training.